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Michele Senni, MD; Christophe M. Tribouilloy, MD, PhD; Richard J. Rodeheffer, MD; Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD; Jonathan M. Evans, MD; Kent R. Bailey, PhD; Margaret M. Redfield, MD
Michiel L. Bots, MD, PhD; Lenore J. Launer, PhD; Jan Lindemans, PhD; Arno W. Hoes, MD, PhD; Albert Hofman, MD, PhD; Jacqueline C. M. Witteman, PhD; Peter J. Koudstaal, MD, PhD; Diederick E. Grobbee, MD, PhD
Mark. A. Crowther, MD; Jeff B. Ginsberg, MD; Clive Kearon, MB, PhD; Linda Harrison, RN; J. Johnson, RN; M. Patricia Massicotte, MD; Jack Hirsh, MD
Dario Conte, MD; Mirella Fraquelli, MD; Fabio Fornari, MD; Lucia Lodi, MD; Paolo Bodini, MD; Luigi Buscarini, MD
Kitty W. M. Bloemenkamp, MD; Frits R. Rosendaal, MD; Harry R. Büller, MD; Frans M. Helmerhorst, MD; Louisa P. Colly, MD; Jan P. Vandenbroucke, MD
Bruno Darchy, MD; Eric Le Mière, MD; Bélinda Figuérédo, MD; Eric Bavoux, MD; Yves Domart, MD
Richard Adair, MD; M. Obinna Nwaneri, MD
Douglas K. Martin, PhD; Elaine C. Thiel, BSCN; Peter A. Singer, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Peter B. Baker, MD; Randy Hanzlick, MD; and the Autopsy Committee of the College of American Pathologists
Michael A. Moore, MD; Murray Epstein, MD; Lawrence Agodoa, MD; Lance D. Dworkin, MD
Thomas Kahn, MD
Topics: weight gain
Edward J. Roccella, PhD, MPH
Topics: sexism
M. Albareda; L. Balmes; A. Wagner; R. Corcoy